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Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour is our little way of thanking every person who donates to Oscars100 from 2014 onwards. No matter the size of your donation you will find yourself, your family or your company on this page.

Without your support Oscars100 wouldn’t exist and for that we are forever grateful.

  1. John Chestney
  2. J A Davey Pty Ltd.
  3. Liz Violi
  4. Wendy and Mal Parker
  5. Simon Mitchell
  6. Vickie Hayes
  7. Megan Alsford
  8. Allisha Crowther
  9. The Coveney Family
  10. Sandra Goding
  11. The Tanner Family
  12. Simi Henderson
  13. Lauren Jack
  14. Candice Park
  15. Narelle Largergren
  16. John Hayes
  17. Donna Dorrington